What is the Dynamic Placement Test?

Online placement test for English

Quick to set up, easy to run — and it gives results in just 30 minutes. The Dynamic Placement Test takes the hard work out of determining each test taker's CEFR level. The results are delivered to you online, with a fine-tuned numeric score. It's instant. It's accurate. It's reliable.

Why choose the Dynamic Placement Test?

Start this online English test with any device, anywhere, anytime


Use your computers, or the test taker’s own device. Test them in the lab, or at home. Online or offline.

telc - EU's leading language testing specialist is the content provider of the Dynamic Placement Test


Devised, written and maintained by telc, the EU's leading language testing specialist — trusted since 1975.

The test of ClarityEnglish is affordable


We've worked hard to ensure the test is competitively priced and will fit in with your budget.

Our clients

Schools, universities and companies use the test for a variety of purposes, including testing incoming students pre- or post-arrival, assigning learners to specific courses, and filtering job applicants based on their English. Find out more about how these institutions (and others) use the Dynamic Placement Test.

British Council
Strathclyde University
Rugby School
Universitas Indonesia
National Taiwan University
Ministry of Education, Peru
Université d'Orléans
BAE Systems
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Dynamic Placement Test Blog & News

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JULY, 2023

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Corporate training: Streamlining English language testing

JUNE, 2023

English language testing is a key stage in selecting staff for corporate training programs in the petroleum industry. We trace a training organisation’s journey to find the most suitable placement test.

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Online learning for Syrian and Lebanese youth

JUNE, 2023

The HOPES-LEB project aims to improve the chances for a better future for young people in Lebanon. Here’s how they do it.

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